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Recent Articles #1

Activity Parties

Activity Parties

Filed in Indoor, Land, Outdoor, Water by on December 25, 2015 • views: 7300

Looking for the perfect idea and venue for your birthday party, be it for child, teen or adult? Then Craggan Outdoors has the answer. Our activity-based parties can be tailored to your group, requirements and budget, and are guaranteed to live long in the memory. We’ve catered for ages from as young as 6 years […]


Recent Articles #2

Art & Creativity

Art & Creativity

Filed in Indoor, Land, Outdoor by on December 23, 2015 • views: 6543

Fancy something a little different to go alongside your outdoor experiences? Then how about trying one of our range of art and creativity-based experiences which take place in the relaxed indoor environment of our Clubhouse Cafe. We offer a range of options – all led by an inspiring local artist – from which to choose […]


A Return my Favourite Outdoor Activity Centre at Craggan Outdoors views: 29

Outdoor Activity Centres Scotland – Winter is Over! I do love that Scottish spring feeling. That freedom to de-layer in the outdoors and bask in the as-yet midge-free air. The time when grand plans unfold for the year, where you promise to spend as much time outdoors as you can and challenge yourself in new […]

The Season Begins! Mountain Biking and Gorge Walking with Craggan Outdoors views: 43

With April just hours away, there is something grimly frustrating about the wintery conditions that continue to hold Scotland in its grasp. While grumbles about transport delays, gigantic heating bills and environmental repercussions have consumed many of us in discussions over the teapot in recent months, there remains one sure-fire way to combat the pessimism. […]

Archery views: 11913

Archery is one of those activities that people ‘discover’ at Craggan Outdoors. It’s great fun and the majority of people can demonstrate an aptitude for archery when they get the chance to try it. At Craggan Outdoors it is the classic ‘turn up…get on the range…give it a go’ activity, and as such is year-on-year […]

Bushcraft views: 8549

Bushcraft is about surviving and thriving in the natural environment, using knowledge and skills that have been in existence for many thousands of years. In our modern world the vast majority of people no longer have these skills and knowledge, but bushcraft is still very much critical and a way of life for many aboriginal […]

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